Other Workshops
All the workshops include breakfast, lunch and all the tools you need for the class!


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Weekend Workshops: one-day class

We will have the 2016 weekend worshops' calendar by the beginning of next year.


Three-day class


Holiday Pastry: December 2nd-4th
This 3-day course is packed with the must-haves for the upcoming holiday season. Students will make two types of “Bûches de Noël” (yule logs). The lemon berry “Bûche de Noël” has a traditional finish using buttercream to resemble a wooden log. The chocolate “Bûche de Noël” consists of chocolate mousse with a creamy praline center and a layer of thin crispy praline. This cake is sprayed with chocolate to create a clean, modern finish. Students will also make some confections such as “Pâte de fruit” and “Nougat”. Other products include “Gibassier” from the South of France and “Stollen” from Germany, both of which are yeasted sweet pastries enjoyed around Christmas time. Lastly, students will make “Linzertorte” which has a rich hazelnut short crust with a refreshing filling and originated from Eastern Europe. Maximum capacity: 16 students. $598


Useful Information
-  Classes run from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
-  We will provide you with all the course information (lectures, formulas, and      
   additional information) and all the equipment needed during class. 
-  Students are required to wear long pants and closed toe and non skid 
   shoes. Students should bring a notebook, writing utensils and a calculator to
- Breakfast Pastries and lunch are included.
- Free parking is available.
-Full payment is required upon registration 

Please register online or call us to enroll at 650-589-5784.