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Testimonials about SFBI

We're proud to share with you here comments from our students. If you would like to share your experience with the San Francisco Baking Institute, please contact us... we are always happy to hear from you!

Here is a sampling of what our students have shared with us about their experience at SFBI:

"SFBI has a great facility! I love coming here for classes. The facility has plenty of space, and all the appropriate tools and technology to do our work.”

"Class was very well organized and the course material was presented superbly. The training book will be a big part of my continued learning experience."

"I never thought one could teach so much in 5 days. I feel much more confidence."

"A good balance between theory and hands-on."

"Excellent ability to explain concepts without oversimplifying the material."

"I am so glad I came. I feel confident that I can open a bakery with your help!"

"Exposure to the main aspects of topic was detailed, cutting edge and awe-inspiring."

"Thank you to everyone at SFBI for the best learning experience I have ever had! This was money well-spent."

"Instruction was wonderful: knowledgeable, good sense of humor, amazing ability to teach different levels of experience and knowledge - patient and always willing to answer any questions."

"I found the class and facilities to be beyond my expectations. Very glad I came."

"The SFBI Staff are all warm, friendly and helpful. This is an excellent place for food people."

"The facility is in a great location. Nice and open on the inside. Everything is clean and well-organized.”

"Wonderful...great balance between theory and practice."

"A great experience for me all around. My comfort level is greatly increased considering my initial fear factor."

"Thank you so much for giving yourself to us. You are an inspiration in every way. I came to the class "for fun" and not only did we accomplish that, but also I am now serious about starting a bakery."

"I hope SFBI continues to fight for the education of our artisans - thanks for unlocking the door to a wonderful new world."


Comments from Bread & Pastry Professional Training Program Graduates

"I have learned so much from SFBI. I initially enrolled in the program to learn about desserts, but I ended up enjoying breads just as much. The instruction is brilliant and the facilities are very clean, neat, well organized and well managed. The people are so nice and kind – they treated the students like family. I didn’t want to leave!”

 Nicola Wilson

"The program delivered more than I had even hoped for. The pacing was perfect - challenging (there was never a pause or slowdown) but not overwhelming. I was very pleased that the instructors were so sensitive to the rate at which we students could absorb information and perform. As a person who has watched a lot of classroom teachers, I felt that they were all superb at maintaining momentum in the classroom while ensuring that everyone was adequately supported.

Instructors were knowledgeable in their field, up-to-date on current trends, and good at imparting their knowledge. They were friendly, approachable, and made learning enjoyable. The small class size played a big part in the great quality of our experiences at SFBI.

I am very glad to have had the opportunity to attend SFBI both for the professional training it has given me and for the genuinely friendly and supportive staff that I met. I feel that I have a good grounding in the underlying principals and fundamentals of baking. It has been an intense time, but while I was there I looked forward to each day of the program and I would gladly enroll if I had to do it all over again.

Having SFBI as a reference I can count on now and in the future gives me confidence that my baking career will be successful."

 Sharman Kobayashi

"My training at SFBI gave me the professional foundation for growing and succeeding in the baking industry. I thank the instructors and staff for providing a space where this mid-life-changing IT professional could fulfill his dream to build the perfect passion fruit tart (and baguette, and croissant, and …)."

 David Schmidt

"I feel most of the products we made in class were better than what you can purchase from established bakeries in the Bay Area.

SFBI isn’t as pretentious as some of the other schools. The training was more hands-on without the waiter and table setting training you needed to do at the other places. Overall, I would rate the Baking & Pastry Professional Training Program at SFBI as GREAT!"

 Joe Burns