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Sourdough Feeding Starter Schedule

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Starter Feeding Schedule for Home Bakers

Answering the most commonly asked question from beginning home bakers - "How do I feed my starter if I'm baking once a week?" Watch the video on the next post for a full explanation. 
For the actual recipe and process, please see our post “Basic Sourdough Formula & Process”. Sourdough starter can be stored in the refrigerator while not in use. In this case, it is recommended that the starter is refreshed several times before added to the final dough mixing. After several refresh feedings, the starter can be put back in the refrigerator. 
In general, it requires more feedings if the starter was refrigerated for a longer time. For example, if your starter was not fed for over a month, it may require 3-4 feedings with longer fermentation time before it recovers the proper activity level.

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