10 Shaping Pan Bread

Tightly shaping a boule into a batard to form a tight, even crumb by folding in the sides, creating a rectangular shape, then folding from the top down as tightly as the dough allows. Tuck in the ends and tighten using the resistance from the table to form an even, non-tapered batard.
Tightly shaping three identical boules forms a tight, even crumb while evenly spacing the boules seam-side down in an oiled loaf pan promotes even proofing and baking and results in a decorative design on the baked loaf.
Tightly shaping and rolling two identical baguettes 25% longer than the length of the desired baking pan using the palms of the hands to apply an even pressure in an outward motion. When twisted, the loaf should reach both ends of the sprayed pan, resulting in a decorative design and a tight, even crumb.