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Purple Wheat and Walnut

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Purple Wheat with Walnuts-Download Formula

Purple wheat is highlighted in this flavorful sourdough.  We use both whole purple wheat flour and purple wheat flakes in this formula.  Purple wheat is gaining popularity for its assumed increased antioxidant levels.  Researchers in Saskatchewan are breeding and selecting this wheat for its high levels of anthocyanin, which are phytochemicals responsible for the flour’s purple color and antioxidant behavior in our bodies (i.e. blueberries).  Beyond the added nutrition, we like this flour for its sweeter flavor compared to red wheat, and easy handling.
In  this video, we demonstrate the mix using a standard spiral mixer.  The dough is mixed to a low improved development before adding the walnuts and wheat flakes.  Mix on  first speed for 5 minutes to incorporate the ingredients, then on second speed again for 5 minutes to develop the dough.  When adding the nuts and flakes, go back to first speed.  This is a soft dough, so you might appreciate holding back a little water to develop the dough a little faster, then add it at the end before the nuts.  With a dough temperature of 80 degrees, two folds spaced 40 minutes apart, then another 40 minutes before dividing should produce a nice gassy dough.  Divide at 800g pieces, preshape, and rest 20 minutes.  After final shaping, final proofing can happen either at room temperature for 2 to 2 ½ hours, or overnight in a retarder.  Bake at 450F for ~25 minutes followed by 12-15 minutes venting. The dough can be divided at desired weight, and baking and venting time will change according to the size of loaves.
The crumb should be nice and open and have a pleasing purple color, which is contributed by addition of walnuts as well.  The purple wheat does not  produce the same slightly bitter flavor that red wheats will, and the wheat germ, nuts, and flakes enhance the wonderful nutty aroma.  This bread can easily be eaten every day and accompany any meal or sandwich.

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Recommended Tools: 14” Oval lined basket and 2 lb Round coiled basket



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