Viennoiserie Professional Series: 



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Viennoiserie Professional Series.

Part I: Introduction to Enriched Doughs and Lamination (10 days)

Main focus of this series is to learn mixing and handling of both laminated and non-laminated viennoiserie. The first part of this series covers a variety of enriched dough, such as brioche, gibassier and sticky buns.  You will learn how to adjust mixing and dough handling depending on formulations. Next, you will proceed to laminated doughs. This section will cover yeasted laminated doughs such as croissant and Danish, and also non-yeasted doughs such as traditional puff pastry and blitz puff pastry.  Different lamination techniques, as well as several types of retarding methods are introduced. A selection of creams and fillings are made in this series to finish Danish and puff pastries.   

Part II: Advanced Viennoiserie (5 days)

You will make a variety of pastries from both laminated and non-laminated dough. Products made during this series include Panettone with Levain, Pan d’Oro, Laminated Brioche and Inverted Puff Pastry. We will also delve into modern viennoiserie concepts and shapes.

Pre-Requisite:   Systematic Approach to Bread or Series I

Intense Hands-on Training and Real-World Scale
Our curriculum includes an exceptionally high level of hands-on training. Nothing is just demonstrated students actively create each formula.

Focused Individual Attention
We commit to small class sizes. Our 16-student limit fosters invaluable personal instruction.

Advanced Equipment and Spacious Classrooms

Our Baking Institute's open facility provides plenty of room to practice. Our diverse and technologically-advanced equipment prepares graduates to use equipment found in any restaurant or bakery. 

Useful Information

- Classes run from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday to Friday (sometimes 3:30 PM).
- We will provide you with all the course information (lectures, formulas, and additional information), and provide you with all the equipment needed during class.
-Students are required to wear long pants, closed toe and non skid shoes, a chef jacket.
-Students should bring a notebook, writing utensils and a calculator to class.
-This serie is limited to sixteen students. 


Please email Babeth: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information.