29 Pate a choux

When mixing cream puff dough, cooking the flour mixture hydrates the flour, binds the liquids and stabilizes the dough. The dough must be cooled slightly by paddling before adding the eggs in stages. The eggs help control the dough's consistency and provide structure in the dough during baking.
Twisting the top of a piping bag fitted with a round tip tightens the bag, putting pressure on the dough so it pipes smoothly without any air pockets. Pipe uniform domes of dough, smoothing the tops when egg washing to maintain an even shape. Egg washing allows the dough to fully expand in the oven.
Piping pate a choux into a straight line with a uniform thickness without air pockets using either a round or fine star tip. A fine star tip encourages even expansion of the eclairs during baking. Alternately, when using a round tip, the eclairs can be lightly scored with a fork after egg washing.
Using a star tip, pipe pate a choux into a ring of uniform thickness with no air pockets. The center of the ring's circumference should be equal to the width of the piped dough. Egg washing before coating in almonds allows the dough to fully expand in the oven while producing a golden-brown color.