Pastry Art Workshops



Details and Dates:

• Five Day Course 
• $1,098 (includes breakfast pastries and lunch)

Pastry Art Workshops

     Holiday Pastry: This 3-day course is packed with the must-haves for the upcoming holiday season. Students will make two types of “Bûches de Noël” (yule logs). The lemon berry “Bûche de Noël” has a traditional finish using buttercream to resemble a wooden log. The chocolate “Bûche de Noël” consists of chocolate mousse with a creamy praline center and a layer of thin crispy praline. This cake is sprayed with chocolate to create a clean, modern finish. Students will also make some confections such as “Pâte de fruit” and “Nougat”. Other products include “Gibassier” from the South of France and “Stollen” from Germany, both of which are yeasted sweet pastries enjoyed around Christmas time. Lastly, students will make “Linzertorte” which has a rich hazelnut short crust with a refreshing filling and originated from Eastern Europe. 

Starting Day: November 29, 2017 ‖ 2017 Registration Form

•    Exploring Ingredients and Techniques: Learn how to understand and control the pastry making process instead of just using the recipes! You will be baking a variety of cookies, muffins, scones, coffee cake, brownies, chouquettes, gougeres, madeleine, financiers and more...

Starting days:‖  July 17, 2017 ‖

•    Foundation of Pastry Line: Create a sensational array of pastries, ranging from rustic to refined, sweet to savory, and simple to complex such as Paris Brest, Eclairs, Apple pie, Berry pie, Napoleon, Palmiers, Passion fruit tart, quiche, Sable Breton etc...

Starting day: ‖ March 6, 2017 ‖   July 24, 2017 ‖

•    Cake Bases, Creams, and Composition: Learn variety of cake mixing methods, creams, and fillings, as well as how to troubleshoot problems. You will learn how to make Buttermilk chocolate cake, French buttercream, Cremeux, Creme anglaise, Fondant, Almond cream and Frangipane, Chocolate chiffon cake, Caramelized pineapple, Dragees, Sacher cake, Fraisier, Opera etc...

Starting day: ‖ March 13, 2017 ‖    ‖ July 31, 2017 ‖  

•    Modern Cake Methods and Design: Use this class to make any of the elegant, sophisticated, and contemporary pastries that grace the windows of the top patisseries around the world. You will be making Fresh fruit charlotte, Lemon black berry mousse cake, Whiskey Hazelnut dome, Grasshopper, Parisian Macaron and few more.

Starting day: ‖ March 20, 2017 ‖ 


Chocolate and Confection: Learn how to make chocolates and candies by hand.
Starting day: ‖ March 27, 2017 ‖

Please register online or download the 2017 Registration Form and email or fax to SFBI