Consecutive Bread, Viennoiserie and Pastry Professional Series



2015 Starting Date:



 These series are limited to sixteen students each. Admissions are made on a rolling basis. Apply early!


During the Consecutive Bread, Viennosiere , and   Pastry  Professional Series  at  SFBI’s , we teach you everything you need to know to perform, with excellence and succeed, in the baking industry.

Program Objectives

•    Understand the history of baking and pastry.
•    Learn proper sanitation and hygiene methods.
•    Discover how to select, purchase and evaluate ingredients.
•    See how ingredients function in baking and pastry.
•    Use baker’s math with confidence.
•    Learn how to identify and operate equipments.
•    Understand how to use the professional terminology of the industry.
•    Practice mixing techniques for all styles of bread.
•    Comprehend and perform the bread baking process from start to finish.
•    Understand the complexities of sourdough.
•    Design and produce new formulas.
•    Learn new techniques for baking and the latest styles of bread.
•    Learn mixing techniques for cakes and creams.
•    Understand flavor and texture pastry.
•    Benefit from a comprehensive introduction to chocolate.
•    Gain an in-depth understanding of mousse and modern cake presentations.
•    Understand yeasted pastries and lamination techniques
•    Comprehend production methods and planning for pastry operations.
•    Practice procedures for a variety of European and American cakes and pastries.
•    Develop cake decorating techniques and creative presentations.
•    Learn to plan dessert menus and presentations.
•    Discover modern pastry styles and products.
•    Develop production-oriented work habits and scheduling skills.
•    Understand bakery layout and design.
•    Learn about the latest industry trends and how to interpret them in your baking.

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