No Time for an Autolyse?

When you are faced with production constraints, such as a lack of time or mixers with no removable bowl, and an autolyse can’t be made during the mixing of the final dough, you do have another option. A portion of the formula flour (in general, around 20%) can be mixed the day before with a proportion of water corresponding to the final dough hydration. For example, if the final formula calls for 68% of water, the flour involved in the autolyse should be hydrated with 68% of water. After the incorporation of flour and water, the dough obtained is placed in the cooler until the next day’s production.Then, at the time of mixing the final dough, the “autolysed” dough is added to the rest of the ingredients, and the mixing process resumes in its normal way. Water temperature should be adjusted to take into consideration the cold temperature of the “autolysed” dough. Dough and final products will have similar characteristics as if an autolyse was made the same day with the totality of the flour, but some time will be saved in the mixing schedule.

San Francisco Baking Institute