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Making seeded crust

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Making a seed crust on sourdough

Adding seeds on the crust gives a new appearance, texture and flavor to your everyday loaf. See our video on next post for a demonstration.

When using seeds, start with raw seeds as they will toast while the bread bakes. Avoid using seeds that browns very quickly just by itself, such as sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. When using grains, make sure that the particles are not too large as they become very hard after baking. Meals (corn meal, rye meal etc) or rolled flakes (rye flakes, rolled oats etc) are good options to start with. You can also combine these seeds and grains to make your own unique topping.
To get an even coating on seeds, wet the surface of the shaped loaf in a damp towel and roll it into a tray of seeds. Put the seeds on the smooth side of the dough, and leave the seam side without any topping. 
When scoring seeded loaves, use a sharp blade to cut through the topping. It also helps to move the blade quickly to avoid the blade dragging through the toppings.

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