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Inverted Puff Pastry

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Inverted puff pastry

Classic puff pastry, also called Pâte feuilletée in French, is made by layering butter in between many layers of dough.  The dough rises because of the large amount of steam created from the butter during baking.  In the classic puff, the butter (or beurrage) is locked inside the dough and the layers are formed through a series of folds.  As the name implies, inverted puff pastry, or Pâte feuilletée inversée, is made with the beurrage on the outside of the dough.  This results in a crispier, flakier puff pastry that is also more tender and ideal for showcasing the lamination in products such as pithiviers, jalousies, and napoleons. 

Because the butter is on the outside of the dough, the formulation of inverted puff varies significantly from classic puff pastry.  The butter for laminating is first mixed with up to 40% of its weight in flour and then rolled in between plastic sheets and well chilled before using.  Mixing the butter with flour first creates a sheetable butter that does not readily melt and is more extensible.  The detrempe for the dough itself also has a much higher quantity of butter.  The overall composition of inverted puff pastry is very rich, about 45% butter overall. 

Inverted puff pastry can be intimidating to laminate because the butter is on the outside of the dough, but final dough  is actually easier to work with than classic puff pastry because if does not become as sticky and it retains its shape more consistently with less shrinking during baking.  It is essential that the beurrage be mixed and thoroughly chilled before beginning the lamination process.  Once the dough and beurrage are well chilled, lamination can begin.  Two singles folds at a time can be done back to back.  Rest for a minimum of 30 minutes in between each series of  folds.   If the butter is warming up too much during the folding process, only complete one single fold at a time and rest the dough in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before completing the next fold. Use 4-6 single folds for inverted puff pastry.  It is best to use a reversible dough sheeter when making inverted puff pastry. 


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