44 Frozen Desserts

Classified as a still-frozen dessert, a bombe glacee is made by whipping a pate a bombe until cool and at full volume before combining it with a flavor base, such as lemon juice and zest, then gently folding in soft peak whipped cream in stages to minimize damaging the emulsion. Freeze after portioning.
To avoid crystallization when cooking the sugar syrup, use a clean pastry brush to wash the inside walls of the pot above the sugar syrup with water. Pour the cooked sugar down the side of the mixing bowl to evenly introduce the sugar into the whipping ribbon stage yolks. Whip until cool.
Creating a crisp, refreshing scraped ice by heating a solution to 8-12 degrees baume until the sugar is dissolved. Freeze the strained mixture to form ice crystals. To serve, scrape the surface with a fork to form shards. For smaller ice crystals, scrape the mixture throughout the freezing process.
Preparing a French or custard-style ice cream base that is cooked, cooled and aged before churning. Aging the cooled base overnight in a refrigerator creates a thick, creamy, smooth, uniform mixture that has a more stable environment in which to incorporate air during churning, allowing more overrun.