Fresh From The Freezer

During the busy season for most bakeries, why not get a headstart? The freezer is a great tool to use, and not just for pastry. It will allow you to offer fresh baked breads and pastry throughout the day without sacrificing quality.

Frozen dough can be a real timesaver. Although a minimum amount of dough conditioner or oxidizer such as ascorbic acid may be necessary, dough can be frozen with little harm for up to two weeks. Shaped dough can be pulled from the freezer, defrosted, and proofed and baked with little change in the procedure. Laminated dough works extremely well and so does lean bread dough.

If frozen yeast is not available, it is recommended that the amount of yeast in the formula be increased by 1 to 2 times to compensate for damage to the yeast during the freezing process.

San Francisco Baking Institute