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Flour Comparison: Bread, Pastry, and Cake flour

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Flour Comparison: Bread, pastry and cake flour
In this video, we are comparing three refined flour - bread, pastry and cake flour. They are milled from different variety of wheat, bread flour from hard wheat, and pastry/cake flour milled from from soft wheat. Bread flour has a higher protein content of all, because bread relies on wheat protein (gluten) to create a structure in the loaf. In pastries, too much gluten may toughen the texture and may cause shrinkage. 
Bread flour: we use this flour in most of our baked goods like bread, viennoiserie, cookies and quickbreads. This flour is actually considered as "low-protein" bread flour as opposed to high-protein or high-gluten bread flour. Flour used in this video contains about 12.5% protein content.
Pastry flour: This usually contains about 9% protein, and we use this flour in pie dough, some tart dough and cookies. 
Cake flour: Cake flour contains about 7% protein, and is oftentimes bleached. Bleaching process allows for the flour to absorb more liquid, which helps to create moist crumb in the baked cake. Because of the lower protein content, products baked with cake flour has a tender texture.

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