Breads of the World with Didier Rosada on April 2-6, 2018

Bread is made in every country in different shapes, forms and flavors. Are you curious to see, make, and taste breads from around the world? In Breads of the World, you will take a tour of 20 countries spanning 5 continents. Learn to make a variety of breads including ensaymada, pain au saucisson, heidebrot, kachapuri, bollilos and many more.The vast array of breads covered in this course will help you explore your creativity and grow your business in an expanding market.

BOW is taught by Master Baker Didier Rosada.  In July 2010, Didier was named one of the Top 10 Best Bakers in the USA and in June 2012, he was elected as member of the prestigious Academie Culinaire de France.  Didier has been an integral part of the Baking Team USA which competes in the Coupe de Monde de Boulangerie France. In 1996, the team won gold in the bread baking cateory, in 1999, they took gold in the overall competition, and in 2002, they won the silver medal.  He has also been a part of the National Baking Center since it began in 1996.  He was selected to develop and teach the Bread curriculum as well as supervise research projects and consult with specialty bakers and millers across the US, Canada, Asia, the Caribbean, South American, Central American and Asia. 


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The San Francisco Baking Institute provides students with an invaluable education that is impossible to find elsewhere. Our Workshops give students incomparable, career-enhancing, knowledge and experience.

We offer a variety of bread, viennoiserie and pastry courses.  There are 3 styles of courses: 5 day workshops, 1-2 day weekend workshops, and an 11 week Consecutive Bread and Viennoiserie Professional Training Program.   

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5 day workshops

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Weekend Workshops 

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Professional Training Program.   

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Our Unique Benefits Include:

Hands-on Training: Our curriculum provides an exceptionally high level of hands-on practice and instruction. This helps our students master concepts and techniques instead of learning them temporarily.

Individual Attention: We commit to small class sizes, with a maximum 16 students. This allows for an abundance of one-Bread display courses pageon-one instruction.
Intensive Learning: Our students train full day, rather than half day which allow them to gain greater expertise with less time away from work.

Advanced Equipment: Our spacious classrooms and technologically-advanced equipment create an environment that is similar to a typical modern bakery, easing the transition from the classroom to a professional environment. Our instructors help students learn how to adapt formulas for home and commercial kitchen settings.

Real-World Scale: Our program design and the scale of our facility enable students to bake in high volume, developing valuable and hard-to-find production skills.

Our students include professional bakers and baking instructors seeking to master the latest methods and trends, home bakers desiring to hone their knowledge and craft, bakery owners aspiring to sell high-quality artisan baked goods, and beginning bakers studying to enter the industry.

Fulfill your dream of becoming a professional baker or strengthen and refine your current baking skills in our continuing education classes. Our talented instructors are committed to providing you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to master the art of bread and pastry.