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Convert Liquid Starter to Stiff Starter

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How to convert liquid starter to stiff starter 
100% Flour
40% Water
40% Liquid starter 
Mix until no dry flour remains.
When stiff starter ferments, the surface domes first but it flattens as it matures. It should have a sponge like interior. 
Differences between liquid and stiff starter:
- More acetic acid (vinegar-like, sharp acidity) develops in stiff starter.
- More stable than liquid starter, because of lower hydration %.
If you want to make a very sour sourdough bread, use stiff starter. You are able to ferment it for a longer time (= more acidity acumulated) and acetic acid brings a stronger sour taste. 
We recommend maintaining a liquid starter at home, as it is easier to mix and to increase in quantity when necessary. When your formula calls for a stiff starter, just convert it by following the %'s above and you are all set!

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