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Ciabatta & Olive Rosemary Fougasse

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Ciabatta and Olive Rosemary Fougasse

Yields 2 ciabatta loaves and 3 fougasse

1. Prepare the night before:

Flour 572g / 4 3/4 cup
Water 572g / 2 3/8 cups
Yeast 0.5g / 1/8 tsp
Mix all ingredients. Ferment for 12-18 hours at room temperature.

2. Mix final dough:

Final dough
Flour 1,064g 
Water ~95F 704g
Yeast 4g / 1 tsp
Salt 32g / 2 TBSP
Oil 25g / 2 TBSP
Mix until combined.
DDT 73-76F.
Divide the dough in half. Add 75g chopped olives and 7g chopped rosemary in one half. 
3 hour first fermentation.
2 folds: one fold after each hour.
Divide the plain dough in half on a well dusted table. Place the dough on a floured couche.
Divide the olive rosemary dough in thirds. Place on a piece of parchment paper and cut as for fougasse. 
3. Baking
Preheat the oven to 450-480F for convection oven, and 480-500F for non-convection oven with baking stones.
Bake with steam at the beginning. About 20 minutes baking for Fougasse, and 30-40 minutes for ciabatta.

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