Bread Christmas Tree - Download Ornament Formula

This bread Christmas tree has decorated the window of our retail bakery, Thorough Bread and Pastry, every holiday season since we opened the door in 2008. The tree is made with approximately 100 kg / 220 lbs of yeasted dough, and it is about 8 feet high. The ornaments are handmade holiday cookies and miniature breads like fougasse, pretzels and bagels. It takes about one week of preparation, and many of our staff and students volunteer to help out during this time. It is always a fun and exciting group experience, full of holiday spirit.

We are going to share the formulas for the cookie ornaments. Although these cookies are edible, they are not suited for consumption, because they become very firm after baking. We found that regular sugar cookies do not work well as ornaments, because they turn very fragile after drying out, and eventually fall off the tree. Cookie ornaments made with this formula bakes off dense and firm, and will last for several years as long as they are kept in a dry place.

X mas tree

See the video on how this tree was done: