Chocolate and Confections


Details and Dates:

• Five Day Course 
• $998 (includes breakfast pastries and lunch)


2015 Dates


Chocolate and Confections

Chocolate and Confections

This course is a thorough introduction to the fundamental principles of working with chocolate and creating a range of common types of confections. We will discuss and practice different methods of tempering, including the seeding and tabling methods, and students will work with dark, milk and white chocolate. We will make hand-rolled truffles, as well as dipped and molded chocolates. Ganache made with cream as well as ganache made with fruit puree, and butter ganache are made to fill the chocolates. Other confections will include aerated (marshmallow, nougat), crystalline (fondant, fudge) and non-crystalline (caramels, pate de fruit, hard candy).

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