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Baking Comparison: Deck oven & Convection rack oven

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Baking comparison: Deck oven & convection rack oven

In this video, we are comparing two identical loaves of sourdough baked in two different settings. One will be baked in a commercial deck oven, and another will be baked in a convection rack oven.
Check out the video on the next post to see the result.

Convection rack oven is great for baking a large number of items at once. This style of oven bakes very evenly, because the fan circulates the air and the rack rotates during the baking. We use this style of oven mainly for baking pastries and Viennoiserie items, and some breads like buns and sandwich breads. Artisan style breads like baguettes and sourdough requires a strong bottom heat during baking, which makes deck oven with hearth floor a more ideal option.

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