Type 70 Hand Mix Download Formula

Type 70 flour is the primary flour used in this sourdough bread. This is a high extraction flour, which means that a larger percentage of the wheat kernel is milled than for white flour. The number 70 indicates an ash content of 0.7%, and the flour itself has a light tan color, due to a low bran content.  This flour is closer to white flour than whole wheat.  High extraction flours are commonly seen in large rustic sourdoughs such as a miche, because the dough develops better due to the finer particle size compared to whole wheat flour. A hand mix was chosen for simplicity and gentle handling, but a machine can be used to achieve a short mix, and then the rest of the process can be followed from there.  

For the mix, all ingredients are combined and stirred by hand until incorporated.  Once there is no dry flour at the bottom of the bin, the dough rests for 5 minutes to continue hydrating.  Next, a technique of using one’s hand as a ‘hoe’ is used to slice through the dough in strips allowing for better gluten development.

Above: The right hand is shaped like a “hoe,” cutting and shoveling the dough in strips.

The dough is then transferred to a clean oiled container, and three folds are given at fifteen minute increments. After the third fold, the dough rests for 45 more minutes, providing a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes of bulk fermentation time.

When dividing, gentle handling should be exercised to not tear and degas the dough.  In this video, the dough is portioned at 800g and 500g pieces; both are preshaped into boules. After 20-30 minutes of resting time, the final shape is a blunt batard. Place the shaped loaves in dusted baskets or on a dusted couche. Final proof will be about one hour.

Retarding of the dough is not recommended with this formula, due to the fragile structure of the dough and its high activity level.

Bake at 450°F with steam injected before and after loading. After the initial bake of 20-25 minutes, provide adequate time for venting. Larger loaves can vent for 20 minutes without getting too much color.   

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Recommened Tools: 14” Oval Lined Basket and 26" Couche