Also known as farro in Italian or dinkle in German, spelt is an ancestor of modern wheat and is a type of ancient grain that is readily available. Made with 100% spelt flour, this scone formula has a combination of whole and white spelt flours. The small portion of whole spelt flour gives a sweet, nutty undertone to the overall flavor, but if desired it can be replaced with an equal amount of white spelt flour, or whole wheat flour. The honey in the recipe adds flavor as well as helping the shelf life by retaining moisture in the baked product. The currants and orange zest are a classic pairing for scones, but can also be replaced by other dried fruit, nuts, or spices.

When mixing scones, care must be taken with the temperature of the ingredients as well as with the mixing technique itself. The butter and liquids should be cold so as to keep the small butter pieces intact in the dough; this will lend the desired flaky/crumbly texture. When mixing, it is important to not over-work the dough once the liquids have been added, otherwise a tough or chewy texture may result.

The cut, unbaked scones can be refrigerated for up to 3 days or frozen for up to 3 week. If frozen, increase the bake time by 3-5 minutes. For a larger batch size, the dough can be made in a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, just pay close attention as the dough can be easily over mixed by machine.

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