Weekend Workshops


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Weekend Workshops


One-Day Class: Baguettes at Home
Learn how to bake baguettes at home! Explore the nuances of flavor and texture provided by various ingredients and techniques. This one-day workshop teaches the basics of mixing, fermenting, shaping, scoring, and baking baguettes. Students will make at least 15 baguettes that will utilize preferment and whole grain flour. You will leave this workshop with bags of baguettes, recipes and the ability to bake great bread for your family and your friends. Capacity for 24 students. $260
One-Day Class: Breakfast Pastry
Start your day off right with pleasing breakfast pastries for your audience and your tummy. During this workshop you will focus on learning techniques in mixing, balancing your formulas and primary pastry techniques. After this class will be done you will no longer need to follow a recipe but create your own and start jazzing up your breakfast selection. In this class you will make a variety of muffins, scones, rustic tart and pound cakes. Use this workshop to improve your breakfast selection and start your family and friends off on the right foot. Capacity for 24 students. $260 

One-Day Class: Sourdough Bread at Home
Finally you can learn how to bake good sourdough at home! Explore the nuances of flavor and texture provided by various ingredients and techniques. This one-day workshop teaches the basics of mixing, fermenting, shaping, scoring, and baking sourdough. Students will make at least 15 loaves of sourdough in a variety of style. At the end of the workshop you will feel confident digging into sourdough process at home. Capacity for 24 students. $260

One-Day Class: French Macaron at Home
Discover the secrets of the sophisticated Parisian macaron in this intensive one-day workshop! Learn macarons based on both French and Italian meringues as well as valuable techniques such as macaronage, piping, and baking guidelines. Practice is very important to create consistent results especially in this temperamental confection, and this class is designed for students to mix up to 4 batches of macaron batter following the instructor’s demonstration. At the end of day, a colorful array of macarons is assembled with multiple flavors of fillings such as raspberry, pistachio, rose and dark chocolate ginger. Each student will go home with formulas used in the class, a piping template and a box of at least 40 assembled macarons. Capacity for 24 students.  $260

One-Day Class: Pizzas and Italian Bread
Come and join us to enjoy a fun baking day and bring home an impressive selection of Bread! In this one-day class, you will be focus on a variety of Italian bread, such as ciabatta, publiese, focaccia and fougasse. You also will be making pizzas for lunch. Capacity for 24 students. $260.

Two Day Class-Viennoiserie at Home
Ever wondered how to create crisp, flaky croissants at home? Or a light and tender brioche? Take this intensive two-day course and learn how to make various viennoiserie items. In this class, students will be introduced to mixing and lamination techniques specifically designed for home baking. Students will make their own products from start to finish. Finished products will include traditional croissants, chocolate croissants, various Danishes. Impress your friends and family with a wide selection of beautiful pastries. Capacity for 12 students. $398


Useful Information
-  Classes run from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
-  The limit is 24 students per class.  Viennoiserie at Home is 16
-  We will provide you with all the course information (lectures, formulas, and      
   additional information) and all the equipment needed during class. 
-  Students are required to wear long pants and closed toe and non skid 
   shoes. Students should bring a notebook, writing utensils and a calculator to
- Breakfast Pastries and lunch are included.
- Free parking is available.
-Full payment is required upon registration 

Please register online or call us to enroll at 650-589-5784.

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