Other Workshops
All the workshops include breakfast, lunch and all the tools you need for the class!


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Weekend Workshops: one-day class

Pizzas and Italian Bread: August 8th
Come and join us to enjoy a fun baking day and bring home an impressive selection of Bread! In this one-day class, you will be focus on a variety of Italian bread, such as ciabatta, publiese, focaccia and fougasse. You also will be making pizzas for lunch. Capacity for 24 students. $260.

Bagels and Pretzels: September 12th
Join us in this one-day workshop to learn how to make a variety of bagels and pretzels! In addition to the traditional bagel toppings, we will create a selection of uniquely flavored doughs, such as walnut pepper, honey wheat, pumpkin spice and basil asiago. Pretzels will be dipped into a lye solution following a traditional method. We will show you how to adapt the process at home. Have some lox, cream cheese, mustard and beer ready at home, you will be taking a lot of goodies at the end of the day! Capacity for 24 students. $260


French Macaron at Home: November 7th
Discover the secrets of the sophisticated Parisian macaroon in this intensive one-day workshop! Learn macaroons based on both French and Italian meringues as well as valuable techniques such as macaronage, piping, and baking guidelines. A wide variety of fillings will be explored, including ganache and buttercream. Flavor variations include dark chocolate, pistachio, lemon, raspberry, egg nog, rose, praline and more.  Capacity for 24 students.  $260

"Croque en Bouche" or "Piece Montee": October 3rd
In France, the croque en bouche is traditionally prepared for weddings and other special occasions. This classic French pastry consists of a number of small filled profiteroles dipped in golden caramel and assembled into a cone shape only held together with caramel. Traditional finishing techniques such as “nougatine” and spun sugar will be demonstrated. Because this workshop focuses on the assembly and finishing processes, the profiteroles will be pre-baked and each student will be filling, assembling and taking home one “Croque en Bouche” or “Piece Montée” that serves 12 people. Maximum capacity: 16 students. $260

Three-day class

Wedding Cake: Oct 14-16th
Heighten your skills to create memorable custom cakes for weddings and special events. Maximum capacity: 16 students $598

Holiday Pastry: December 2nd-4th
This 3-day course is packed with the must-haves for the upcoming holiday season. Students will make two types of “Bûches de Noël” (yule logs). The lemon berry “Bûche de Noël” has a traditional finish using buttercream to resemble a wooden log. The chocolate “Bûche de Noël” consists of chocolate mousse with a creamy praline center and a layer of thin crispy praline. This cake is sprayed with chocolate to create a clean, modern finish. Students will also make some confections such as “Pâte de fruit” and “Nougat”. Other products include “Gibassier” from the South of France and “Stollen” from Germany, both of which are yeasted sweet pastries enjoyed around Christmas time. Lastly, students will make “Linzertorte” which has a rich hazelnut short crust with a refreshing filling and originated from Eastern Europe. Maximum capacity: 16 students. $598


Useful Information
-  Classes run from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
-  We will provide you with all the course information (lectures, formulas, and      
   additional information) and all the equipment needed during class. 
-  Students are required to wear long pants and closed toe and non skid 
   shoes. Students should bring a notebook, writing utensils and a calculator to
- Breakfast Pastries and lunch are included.
- Free parking is available.
-Full payment is required upon registration 

Please register online or call us to enroll at 650-589-5784.

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