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 Pumpkin Muffin Formula
--Columba Di Pasqua: -Download Formula
--Chocolate Bread: Download Formula
--Download the Pithivier formula and Frangipan Formula
--Ciabatta with Spelt
--Sorghum, Kamut, and Pumpkin Seed Bread
--Kamut Gougère
--Benetoins a classic roll rich with raisins and hazelnuts
--Filone "long stick" in Italian - a flavorful baguette with rye and whole wheat flours
--Hamburger Buns a superior alternative to the industrially produced version
--Pumpkin Brioche
--Potato Dill Bread

New Ingredients and Product Trends in Bread Formulas
Flour Characteristics

Gluten Free Baking and Alternative Bread and Flour:
- Formula
- Nutritional Data  and  Flour Comparison 



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