Quality Control Program

Bakery Quality Control Program

The experienced staff of SFBI can design a comprehensive quality control program for your bakery, helping you to produce breads and pastries of the highest quality while controlling production and expenses. This investment in the future of your bakery gives you everything you need to build and maintain an efficient, high-quality, profitable business.

Comprehensive Services:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Efficiency
  • Food and Labor Cost Control
  • Production Scheduling
  • Formulas
  • Process
  • Quality Control References
  • Product Quality Follow-up
  • Employee Training Manual
  • Update Product Line (bread and pastry)
  • New Product Development/Addition to Production
  • Proper and Efficient Equipment Usage
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Hygiene and Sanitation


  • Annual Fee ~ $12,953 
    Annual Fee Includes: 
    3 visits per year, 3 work days for baker consultant, 1 visit, 2 work days, for business consultant for future planning and progress monitoring.

On-Going Value:

  • When you become a member of the Quality Control Program, SFBI will keep a record of your bakery‚Äôs formulas and processes so that we can provide knowledgeable, consistent support on an on-going basis.

Long Term Benefits:

  • If you sign on for a contract of two or more years, SFBI will provide you with a Protocol Manual, free of charge. (See below for a description of the Protocol Manual.)

Protocol Manual:

  • SFBI will record and organize all the data specific to your business in a written manual that can serve as a valuable tool for monitoring the activity of your business. Protocol Manual Fee (free with a 2 year contract) ~ $12,000
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