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The SFBI newsletter includes features about the tools and techniques of the baking world, including subjects such as the science of salt in baking, the effects of using different varieties of flours, or how to make the perfect cake. Browse back issues online here, and be sure to join our mailing list to keep in touch! You can choose to receive the quarterly newsletter by mail, by email, or both.

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Fall 2009- Exploring Ancient Grains [PDF format]
Fall 2009 Addendum Ancient Grains Formulas [PDF format]
Spring 2009- The Baker has a Sweet Job: A Sugar Overview [PDF format]
Autumn/Winter 2008: Renewed Respect for Humble Buckwheat
Spring 2008: Sprouting for Health 
Fall 2007: Introduction to Pastry Dough 
Summer 2007: How to Develop a Formula, Part II
Winter 2007: How to Develop a Formula, Part I

Summer 2006: Exploring Chocolate Mousse 
Spring 2006: Preferments: Are They Over-rated? 
Fall 2005:  History of Baking: Rising Through the Ages 
Summer 2005: Welcome Summer: Fresh Fruit Mousse 
Spring 2005: Lamination: Layers Beyond Imagination 
Winter 2005: A Low Carb Diet = An Imbalanced Diet 
Fall 2004: Dough strength: Evaluation & Techniques 
Spring 2004: Let Them Eat Cake: Cake Mixing Essentials 
Winter 2004: The Final Bake: What's Going On? 
Fall 2003: Yeast: Facts Every Baker Should Know 
Spring 2003:Beware - OSHA is No Joke! 
Fall 2002: How Different Flours Perform 
Summer 2002: Salt: A Simple Ingredient with a Lot of Responsibility 
Spring 2002: An Artisan's Best Bread
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