32 Creme Chantilly
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32 Creme Chantilly

Soft peak creme Chantilly (sweetened, vanilla-flavored whipped cream) does not hold a peak. This is also true of soft peak whipped cream, which is often used in making mousse. Soft peak cream is used to lighten the texture of the mousse while letting the base flavor, such as chocolate, show through.
Medium peak creme Chantilly (sweetened, vanilla-flavored whipped cream) retains a soft shape as does plain medium peak whipped cream. When either cream is used for icing, or when it is piped or folded into mousse, it becomes denser as it is used, resulting in good density by the time it is applied.
Stiff peak creme Chantilly (sweetened, vanilla-flavored whipped cream) retains a defined, shaped peak as does stiff peak whipped cream. Both creams are often used for piping decor because they retain a defined shape with sharp visual lines but both will also continue to become denser while piping.
Overwhipping occurs when creme Chantilly is whipped while warm or for too long, resulting in a gritty texture and coagulated fats which sometimes can be fixed by gently folding in liquid cream. Continued whipping will break the cream, causing butter to form and liquid to weep. This cannot be fixed.

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