50 Chocolates

Rolling ganache fillings in a layer of chocolate before dipping to create a thin chocolate coating that protects the ganache from melting when it is dipped in tempered chocolate. Immediately after dipping, roll the truffles in cocoa powder to thoroughly coat.
Using a thin-bladed knife or guitar, cut the fully set filling into pieces with straight sides and perfectly square corners. Dip the cut pieces of filling into perfectly tempered chocolate. Hand-dipped chocolates should have thin, even, shiny coatings of chocolate without a chocolate foot.
Molding chocolates using very clean, smooth molds, well-tempered chocolate and a filling between 78-82 degrees F. Piping fillings warmer than 82 degrees F into the molds can cause the chocolate shell to come out of temper. A finished chocolate should have a shiny, thin chocolate shell and release easily from the mold.
Softening stiff praline paste with a small part of the melted chocolate before adding the remaining chocolate will prevent lumps in the filling. To keep the smooth, creamy mouthfeel of the butter, add soft butter to the smooth mixture of melted chocolate and praline paste once it has cooled to 95 degrees F.