Baking with Ancient Grains



Details and Dates:

• Five Day Course 
• $998 (includes breakfast pastries and lunch)


2014 Schedule

11/03 - 11/07



Baking with Ancient Grains

In addition to their appealing history, ancient grains are healthy, interesting, and (when used properly) wonderfully flavorful. As these grains must be treated differently than the flours we use regularly, we focus on techniques to achieve distinctive and gratifying flavors and textures in bread. A wide range of delicious breads will be covered, including artisan and pan breads as well as scones and crakers. Ironically, our ancient grains workshop is essential for anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of contemporary baking.

Because this more advance class is not designed for beginning bakers, students need to have taken Artisan I and Artisan II or have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the baking process, including science and terminology, fundamentals of mixing and fermentation as well as the basic behind sourdough bread baking ( how to feed a starter and some of the science behind sourdough theory. )

Please register online or download the registration form and email or fax to SFBI 

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