Whole Grain Breads


Details and Dates:

• Five Day Course 
• $998 (includes breakfast pastries and lunch)

2014 Schedule


Whole Grain Breads & Specialty Flours

During this intensive, hands-on workshop, students will learn how to bake with whole grains and specialty flours. Technical characteristics of specialty flours such as buckwheat, spelt, and semolina will be covered, along with precautions to take when using them. A variety of breads will be baked each day, including Flax Seed Bread and Pear-Buckwheat Bread. Students will learn how to consistently work with whole grain breads in a bakery environment to satisfy the growing customer demand for these products. The class will discover whole grain yeasted preferments and how to work with sprouted wheat. In addition, each student will build a sourdough culture using whole grain flours to be used in final dough by the end of the week. Beginners and experienced bakers alike will be inspired as they learn an array of new breads and different shapes.

* We do ask that students take Artisan I prior to this class or have professional experience.  

Please register online or download the registration form and email or fax to SFBI 

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