Advanced Breads


Details and Dates:

• Five Day Course 
• $998 (includes breakfast pastries
and lunch)


2015 Schedule



Artisan Breads: Advanced Bread Baking

Advanced Breads is designed for experienced bakers interested in refining their skills and deepening their overall knowledge to become even better at their craft. During this illuminating workshop for those who love their profession, you will learn about and practice a variety of interesting breads using advanced methods.

You will experiment with ways to fit new breads into an existing product line with fresh techniques such as sourdough to make sweet breads and miche using high ash flour and 230% (!) starter. Whole grain breads will be produced using whole grain starters and no white flour. You will work with difficult flours such as rye and spelt. Retarding techniques will be demonstrated with Baguettes and Ciabatta - retarded before shaping, and Whole Wheat - retarded after shaping.

Because this more advanced class is not designed for beginning bakers, students need to have taken "Artisan Breads: Systematic Approach to Bread" and "Artisan Breads:Baking Sourdough, Levain, and Wild Yeast" or have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the baking process, including science and terminology. Experienced bakers will be inspired by the newfound understanding and marketable skills they take away from this seminar!

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